Traveling With Your Sex Toys

Traveling with your favorite bedroom accessories can certainly enhance your vacation experience. But having to show them off to airport security personnel is a less than ideal situation to find yourself in. T.A.V., staffers often travel with intimate accessories both for business and pleasure, and having sailed through more than our fair share of airport screening check points, we’ve learned a thing
or two about traveling with sex toys.

Below, we share with you the best ways to travel with your toys and ways to avoid drawing unwanted attention. With some due diligence, you’ll breeze right through airport security and be on your way to your destination and the best vacation sex, ever!

Find Out Before You Go

Whether traveling domestically or abroad your coming in contact with an airport security checkpoint is an inevitability. Many parts of the world are less liberal than the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe all of which for the most part allow you to fly freely with most sex toys. For domestic travel, it’s a good idea to read up on current TSA policies.

Some countries for example; India, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have bans on sex accessories. In fact, it is illegal to be gay or lesbian in some regions of Africa and Asia and some Caribbean Islands, so when traveling to those regions, especially as a same-sex couple, your bedroom accessories may be best left at home. For international travel, if you are unsure if your destination allows sex toys, look up country-specific travel information.

Wrap It Up or Bag It

In the rare case your baggage does get searched, you don’t want a TSA agent or a customs officer handling your intimate items.  As a more hygienic storage option, pack all of your toys in clear plastic bags with easy to understand labels. If they do decide to pull them out for close inspection, the see-through bags allow agents to easily identify your toys as harmless electronic devices without having to actually touch them.

Metal items like the Njoy pure plug should be placed in your checked luggage. The same goes for strap-on harnesses with metal buckles, rings, or fixtures.

Remember that baggage gets thrown around. As with any fragile item, pack fragile glass or ceramic intimates with care.

To Carry-on or Check Luggage?

If you decide to take your toys with you, you’ll have to decide whether to pack them in your carry-on or checked luggage. There are benefits and drawbacks to both carrying on and checking your bags.

Carry-ons don’t run the risk of getting lost, but they are subject to more public scrutiny. Checked luggage isn’t searched in front of everyone, but because your not there to give an explanation of what the contents is, there is a chance that an item might get removed.
There are conflicting reports about the TSA’s response to BDSM toys such as restraints, whips, floggers, leashes, etc. in carry-ons. BDSM toys can be even more stigmatized and misunderstood than the average sex toy often being mistaken as weapon-like. When bringing things like handcuffs, anything sharp, has spikes or protruding metal – check it and avoid the hassle.

Tip: Never lock your toys in something the TSA can’t open, they will likely break the lock potentially damaging your item.

Nix the Batteries

In U.S. airports, it’s the TSA’s job to look for dangerous devices and potential weapons — and sex toys under a security scanner, especially vibrators with batteries inside can be mistaken as harmful.

If your vibe is not rechargeable, remove it’s disposable batteries. If your rechargeable toy doesn’t have a travel lock, drain its battery completely before travel.

Whether checked or carried on, your vibrator can easily be dropped, bumped or accidentally switched on while in transit. To avoid generating curious looks or worse an alert to airport security that an unattended bag is rumbling or buzzing, shut it down and lock it up! The last thing you want is for the TSA to send the bomb squad to investigate strange noises coming from your bag… all because your vibrator accidentally got turned on.

Pro Tip-  Plug and Play

This tip is especially helpful for those of you who are traveling abroad: Remember, plugs and voltage may vary country to country. That means, that a plug-in toy or a toy with a charger might need an adapter and/or current converter. To avoid the extra headache, bring a USB rechargeable toy. If your toy is USB-chargeable, you can just plug it into your laptop and youre good to go.

Size Matters- Keep It Small

When it comes to restrictions on items for air travel, the TSA states that “tools” with a length of 7 inches (about 17½ centimeters) are suitable for carry-on luggage. However, if the item is on the larger side, is “club-like” or can be mistaken for a weapon, don’t pack it in a carry-on bag, check it or wait for your next road trip to bring it.

When traveling, in the interest of precious bag space carry petite, discreetly designed massagers that are easy to travel with such as the Fun Factory Bullet, LELO Mia 2 or Leaf Fresh vibrator.

Be Direct

There are no rules against flying with sex toys in the United States. Security may ask you to open your bag if they have concerns or you may be picked for a random search. If your bag unluckily peaks curiosity (which is always a hassle regardless of its content) be direct about what’s inside.

If an airport security agent asks you what’s in your bag or asks you to explain an item on the scanners display; simply state that you are carrying a sex accessory. This may save you further questioning and avoid them having to rummage through your bag.

Embarrassment is really a non factor here because TSA agents are professionals who handle thousands of articles every day. The vibe you’re carrying won’t likely even raise an eyebrow as they’ve seen it all. If you are uncomfortable with your bag being searched in public view, ask that it be done in private.

If you’re worried about the shape of your toy raising eyebrows or in case you do happen to find yourself with your intimates on display in front of security, opting to pack an inconspicuous, less phallic vibe might make things less embarrassing upon discovery.
Tip: If the thought of a TSA agent handling your vibrator in public is too nerve-racking, mailing your sex toys to your destination is a worthwhile consideration.

Take Your Lubrication with You

Be prepared. You don’t want to be in a foreign country trying to figure out how to say “sexual lubrication” or running around looking for a place that sells it.

Lubes and massage oils are considered liquids. For carry-ons, your item must be in a 3.4 ounce or less sized bottle, then placed into a clear quart sized ziplock style bag. Placing your items in a plastic bag will prevent accidental leakage due to shifting or changes in pressure and altitude. A half-empty container of lube may not be acceptable if the container exceeds 3 ounces. So, try purchasing a small plastic container and filling it with your favorite lube or pack sample/travel sizes and stick any larger bottles or containers in your checked luggage.

Give Yourself a Little More Time

Be sure to leave yourself some extra time at the airport if you pack your toys in a carry-on, just in case your experience at the security terminal takes longer than usual.

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