Sneaky Sack is a durable, waterproof discreet sex toy storage bag where you can hide all of your toys and gadgets as well as other valuables, self defense products and various personal items.

This durable, waterproof bag has a soft and silky exterior made with a fabric called Lustra (a Cotton blend) and an interior made with SOFlux: a waterproof breathable, fluidproof, cleanable fabric (commonly used in hospitals) that does not crack like other vinyl fabrics. The Sneaky Sack is resistant to bacteria growth, allowing products to remain clean and germ-free.

Each Sneaky Sack provides internal pockets for separating contents to keep items from accidentally damaging one another and provides better organization.


Exterior of Sneaky Sack-17.5″ Height x 13.5″ Width
Main Compartment-17.25″ Height x 12.5″ Width
Back Pocket-13″ Height x 12.25″ Width
Front Pocket-12″ Height x 12″ Width
Straps-4″ Length x 1.5″ Width