POÊME Body Paint


Turn your partner´s body into a canvas on which to write sweet words of love. Erase with kisses. Enjoy with all five senses.  The feather´s silicone tip makes it easy to write on skin and the fabulous jar is inspired on antique calligraphy ink bottles.  1.8 oz.

Poême is available in these delicious flavours:

Butter Caramel– The ultra-rich caramel aroma and flavor will guide your senses along a path to the most sensual pleasures.

Dark Chocolate– Let go with melt my heart… surrender yourself to sweet caresses and chocolate kisses.

Wild Strawberry– Write the most delightful promise of love on the skin of the one you love with the fruity essence of strawberries.

Sweetheart Cherry– Your lover’s body is an exciting and mysterious path… Leave marks of passion on it with Poême.

Donut Delight– Express your desire with sweet kisses that shine like gold and taste the sweet passion.


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