With its powerful stance, sophisticated aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology, The Cowgirl is a modern, luxurious sex machine that offers the ultimate sexual experience.

Luxury materials, unparalleled comfort, and ultimate functionality deliver the most superior experience. The Cowgirl’s thoughtful design redefines the riding style sex machine. This premium product embodies empowered sexuality, decadent self-pleasure and perfect amount of kink.

Total control is in your hands with an easy to grip, mutli-function LED remote with 10’ (3 m) cord or simple to use smartphone app for total cordless control on your smartphone up to 30’ (10 m) away. Independently select low to high variable speeds of both vibration & rotation intensities, the option of six vibrating patterns and use 360 degree swivel rotation.

Precision engineering for over 1200 rpm of ULTRA POWERFUL vibration.

Sex-Tech Enhanced Long-Distance Play- Technology that fills the gap between connection and distance. Connect to a partner’s device or share the controls with a partner remotely. The Cowgirl’s long-distance remote connection feature takes intimacy beyond the screen in front of you. With a revolutionary video chat platform, it is possible to intimately connect to anyone, anywhere.

Accommodates bodies up to 400 lbs / 181kg.

Global Adapter: Safe for Global Use

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