Home For The Thanksgiving Holidays


It’s that time of year… time to head home for the holiday to celebrate Thanksgiving with the fam.

Some of us look forward to a magical thanksgiving holiday/celebration while some others of us have family gatherings that always end up a cluster-f@*%. There’s Mom who partakes too heavily into the libations, the Uncle won’t stop talking politics or the brother who brings up tails of your ex-boo with your new bae.
As fabulous as the Thanksgiving holidays are, they can also be stressful A.F., especially if you’re traveling with your significant other and are staying with family. Being that you’re a captive audience, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with family in close quarters. Watching Netflix or playing games is all good but what do you do when you want some ‘stress relief’ and get a hankering for a hookup?
With family obligations, paper thin walls, squeaky beds, and creaking floors, it’s easy to feel cockblocked. If you’re staying at Granny’s house, reaping the benefits of a stress-busting orgasm might take a bit of creeping and creativity but there is no reason that you can’t ‘get it on’ while on holiday.
Here’s something to be thankful for… 7 tips to sneaking around on Turkey Day:
  • 1. Move the bed- Moving the bed away from the wall will prevent the headboard from banging up against it or, move to the floor and voila, no more noisy headboard. 🛏
  • 2. Don’t settle for footsie under the table- Try a clandestine handjob during dinner. (Make sure you know right from left or you may end up grabbing the wrong persons junk!) 👣
  • 3. 69 time- Sometimes oral is just the right choice. If both of your mouths are busy… things should stay relatively quiet. 👅
  • 4. Try mutual masturbation– Use your hands to get each other off and stroke your way to orgasmic bliss. 👐
  • 5. Use extra quiet sex toys– Luxury toys are discrete, whisper-quiet and perfect for undercover action— keeping your merrymaking off the radar. 🎉
  • 6. The Car- While everyone is off in their food comas head off to the car for some stealthy sex. 🚘
  • 7. Hot tub or shower- The running water will drown out the sound. Careful with the lubricant though… when lube is involved, bathtubs and showers can become extremely slippery! 🛁



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