As Director of Field Development & Training, Sumiko heads our coaching team and focuses on the development, management and delivery of THE ALLURING VIOLET’S core curriculum to our field of Curators. Sumi is responsible for the training, development and support of burgeoning Curators as well as our top field leaders.

Sumi collaborates to improve recruitment procedures and training to optimize efficiency. She executes and drives the overall brand initiative, working closely with our Graphic Designers and partners with the Marketing team to develop and maintain training content for our Curators.

Sumiko’s focus is always on ensuring effective delivery channels for training and providing expert advice to our work force, to ensure that the team is inspired and supported. Sumi is an innovator who is always looking for ways to bolster the success of our independent business owners and helps to instill a culture of exceptional service both internally, within the Curator culture, and with our Customers. She takes complex ideas and turns them into clear easy to understand training content so that the Curator is able to in turn create sublime customer experiences.

Sumi has 1st hand practical knowledge of Curatorship. Besides being V.P. of Training, Sumiko is also a Violet Curator. She actively practices the social selling techniques and training concepts of T.A.V. by holding in-home and online Soirées; giving her a primary and connected knowledge of the Curator experience.

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