sex toy

sex toy

Sex toy

Enhance your sex life with your partner with a sleek sex toy that is visually appealing and functionally amazing. Sex toy has become indispensable in several adult’s sex lives today. Sex toys are an innovative sex device designed to create an enhanced experience for lovers. Taking sex life to a whole new level is what most bold partners love to do.

The Alluring Violet offers a wide variety of erotic toys from the timeless tools to the state-of-the-art innovations. Whatever is your choice or fetish, we have something for everyone with our extensive section of sex toy.

We offer all kinds of preferences from sex toys specially crafted for solo play to those made for couples and everything in-between.

Are you confused about the right erotic item to spice up your sex life? You can ask us. We will provide you with different options that will meet your needs. In addition to providing you with erotic items as an adult store, we are also interested in your satisfaction.

Why Buy From The Alluring Violet

  1. Our sex toys are made from highest quality materials such as gel, glass or silicone to ensure performance, pleasure, and safety.
  2. We stock latest innovations and models such as G-spot models, clitoral simulators, and rabbit jacks for powerful sensations.
  3. We carefully select sex toys that boost confidence and provide an enhanced experience.

The Alluring Violet, is a sexy, modern Washington D.C. based social selling company specializing in the art of erotic wares. Daringly skirting the line between elegance and eroticism, we introduce opportunities for provocative possibilities. Shop our online boutique for quality sex toys or team up with one of our devoted Curators who’s personalized, bespoke approach captures the client’s unique intimate style and has earned T.A.V. a loyal following of folk who push boundaries within the bedroom and without.

Whatever you are searching for, make your erotic dreams come true with the perfect sex toys from The Alluring Violet.