SHUNGA has developed its Garden of Edo product line dedicated to those who are passionate about lovemaking and nature looking for products that contain both carefully selected natural and certified organic ingredients.

This gift set includes 5 organic products:

  • Organica massage oil exotic green tea – 250 ml / 8 fl. oz
  • Intimate Kisses oil exotic green tea – 100 ml / 3.5 fl. oz
  • TOKO Personal lubricant Organica – 165 ml / 5.5 fl. oz
  • Oriental Crystals Dead sea salt Lotus flower – 400 g / 14 oz
  • Black Lotus Sensitizing gel for lovers – 60 ml / Net 2 fl. Oz

The sensual pleasure of touching and being touched quickly heats up with this luscious oil that glides over the skin like silk.

  • 100% natural cold-pressed oils
  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Non greasy
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Contains no mineral or animal oil

An organic edible warming oil created especially to excite erogenous zones. Activate by the warm breath of soft intimate kisses. Delicious, irresistible  exotic green tea flavor.

TOKO Water based Organica Lubricant is made with pure vegetable glycerin and a natural corn by-product, both certified organic. Its delicate texture and endless sensual lubrication propriety intensifies sensations for prolonged moments of intimacy.

Use these aphrodisiac green lagoon bath salts, velvet bubbles, and mood-setting candle to create an oasis of relaxation. Made of 100% Dead Sea salt.

The Black Lotus gel heightens clitoral sensitivity and can be her ticket to multiple orgasms, while it enhances sensations in the head of the penis.



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