Shunga Carnal Pleasures


Positively bursting with erotic potential and prettily contained in luxurious gift-read packaging, Shunga’s Carnal Pleasures Ultimate Collection includes five sensual favorites as perfect for erotic getaways as for bedside table.

In sweet scents, the Carnal Pleasure kit’s first offering is an Erotic Massage Oil for slick and always-sensual massage. An exclusive blend of cold-pressed oils eliminates friction while moisturizing and nourishing skin.

Accent hands-on touch with a silky Kissable Massage Cream containing all natural ingredients plus honey and vitamin E.

The included Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss was created to enhance the art of oral love- the tingly gloss warms and cools on contact.

Mimic the heat on the lips with Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream, a stimulation cream inspired by fire and ice. A dab on the clitoris or head of the penis will increase sensitivity to touch, breath and beyond.

Roll the included white pearl beads over and around newly-sensitized areas, or put it to use any pleasurable way that applies.

Toko Aqua Personal Lubricant finishes off the Carnal Pleasures Ultimate Collection. The incredibly smooth and ultra versatile formula adds lots of extra moisture and slippery glide to sex, foreplay and toys.

Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss – 10ml/.33oz
Erotic Massage Oil – 8oz/250ml
Toko Aqua Lubricant – 165ml/5.5oz
Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream – 2oz/60ml
Kissable Massage Cream – 7oz/60ml
Pearl beaded necklace

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