Good Clean Love – 10ml Rollerball

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Awaken arousal naturally. Good Clean Love Oils make touching, kissing and smelling each other better. These oil formulas leave the skin feeling as good as it smells. They are extremely nourishing to the skin with the ability to soften, smooth and heal the skin. Made with pure essential oils from all over the world, Good Clean Love uses organic and wild crafted oils whenever possible. This is a love oil of true center, the oil to use when lovers are already in the mood. Simultaneously relaxing and warming, the Origins blend lifts emotional blocks to a healthy sexuality and reuinites lovers with their sensual nature. This essential oil blend brings wearers to their essential self and a calm acceptance of life as it is. Paraben Free, no petrochemicals and 100% vegan.

I just bought this… now what?

Lucky you! Try this: open up the bottle and then dab a little bit onto your wrist. Smell it. You’ll find it smells different on you than in the bottle. Now, dab some on your partner’s wrist. Smell different again? It is not something wrong with your nose! Scent is one of our most powerful, yet underutilized, senses. The Love Oil smells different on you than it does your partner because your body chemistries (i.e., pheromones) interact differently with the scent. Cool, no? Now, put your wrist next to your partner’s wrist. Take turns leaning down to smell the oil again, this time a combination of the two of you. See how it changed again? That’s because your body chemistry combined with your partner’s body chemistry creates a completely unique scent. This scent cannot be replicated.

Intrigued? Step into the bedroom and put a dab of the oil on your lips. Then have your partner put some on their lips. Now, lean in and inhale. Let the scent make its way up to the limbic brain — this is the part of your brain that controls sensuality, memory, and emotion. After a moment, give in and kiss your partner and experiment with kissing the rest of your partner’s body with the oil. See how the scent changes again? That’s because the body’s chemistry is different on different parts. Notice how fun it is? Mixing scent into intimate time allows you to slow down and enjoy your partner in a new way.

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