Doxy Butt Plug – Ribbed


Introducing the Ribbed Doxy Butt Plug – the perfect starting point for a very pleasurable and fun experience.

This plug was machined at a factory in Cornwall, England, from a block of solid pure aluminum using a multi-spindle sliding head lathe, then hand polished and packed into a length of specially converted scaffold tube (for easy storage).

The Doxy butt plug is body safe and easy to clean with soap and a bit of warm water.

To take your play with the Doxy butt plug up a notch try these ideas:

Warm or cool your plug before inserting and focus on the sensations through the anus’s densely packed nerve endings.

Or, turn your Doxy butt plug into a vibrating plug simply touch a vibrator onto the base when the plug is inserted.

On a side note: will make an attractive and interesting paperweight if you decide anal play is not for you!