For successful African-American art dealer Zoe Reynard, finding the pleasure she wants, the way she wants it, is not worth the risk of losing everything she has: a husband whom she has loved since childhood, a thriving business, and three wonderful children. But Zoe feels helpless in the grip of an overpowering addiction-to sex.

The walls of Zoe’s seemingly perfect life start to crumble as she tells her torrid story-a tale of guilt and desire-to a compassionate female therapist. As shocking as it is compelling, Zoe’s past reveals her as a woman desperately searching for fulfilment, which only draws her down more dark and destructive paths. After failing to get her husband to open up to her sexually, Zoe gets involved in not one, not two, but three extramarital affairs.

From the sensitive artist with whom she spends stolen hours on rumpled sheets to the rough and violent man whom she can’t resist, Zoe finds her life spinning out of control as her sexual escapades become more and more intense.

Soon chilling secrets are unveiled, and she is forced to make a dangerous choice that threatens her sanity, her marriage-and even her life. Will she overcome her “fatal attraction” before it’s too late, or will temptation ruin her first?




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