His Ringness The Earl


His Ringness The Earl is a Mystim cock ring made of 100% surgical stainless steel, and he is not just an erotic piece of jewellery: He can also help you have longer and more intense sex.

Finding the right size is crucial in order to guarantee the best results of a cock ring:

If the ring is too big, it doesn’t do the trick, or might even fall off. If a ring is too small, it might lead to medical problems.

Therefore please always insure that a cock-ring fits tightly, but is neither unpleasant nor painful at any time.

The Earl is available widths: 48 mm, 51 mm or 55 mm diameters.

Please – especially if you are new to cock rings – always chose the bigger diameter if in doubt.

Never put on the cock ring on an erect penis. Start by carefully tucking in one testicle at a time and then insert the penis into the ring.

Never wear the cock ring for more than 30 to 35 minutes and always remove the ring gently if needed using a lubricant.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Mystim Tension Lover Digital Nerve Stimulator is required for this item.

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