We know that Consumers are smart, deserve better and recognize the need for a more tasteful, dignified and private intimate accessory shopping experience. We think we’ve struck the perfect delicate balance between sensuality and sophistication, offering a fresh option for discriminating consumers of intimate wares.

There’s no doubt that sexuality is a core of humanity and The Alluring Violet is in pursuit of bringing normalcy; acceptance and empowerment about intimate accessories to the mainstream. We have elevated adult novelty shopping and successfully translate a trip to the XXX shop into an enjoyable, private venue purchasing experience.

It’s our desire for T.A.V. to reflect society’s growing openness and want to make talking about sexuality a blush-free exercise. We are proud to give access and opportunity for something better.

What is a Violet Soirée?

Our private parties are called “Violet Soirées” and are co-hosted by You and the Company’s representative, the Curator. Soirées are a tasteful but entertaining showcase of erotic wares and provide an immersive private venue purchasing experience for You and your Guests.

What Happens at a Soirée?

During a Soirée an Alluring Violet Curator (aka Sensuality Advisor) will present to You and your Guests beautiful intimate accessories, and help each person find the little luxury that fits their unique sexual style. Your Guests will sip on something delicious while effortlessly shopping for indulgent pleasure pieces and they always leave happier than they came… We promise.

How Many Guests do I Need to Have in Order to Host a Soirée?

We prefer that you have a minimum of 6 Guests for a Violet Soirée. If You intend to have fewer than 6 Guests but are still interested in a personal demonstration, You can host an hour long “Mini Soirée.” A Curator will still meet with You and your Guests privately, answer any questions and take your product orders.

Why Host a Violet Soirée?

•You and your Guests will be treated to a private showcasing of hand selected intimate bedroom accessories and have the opportunity to view, sample, learn about and purchase those pleasure objects in the privacy of a comfortable environment.

•We will conspire with You and your Guests against a life of sexual mediocrity

•You, as the Host, will earn fantastic exclusive gifts and significant product discounts.

•You friends will offer you many thanks for the great time and for opening the door to provocative possibilities in a new and fresh way.

•Soirées are easy to put on. Just make a guest list and your Curator will handle the rest. From the sleek invitations to the entertainment…. just put out a few refreshments and let us bring our Nomadic Intimacy Salon right to your event!

How Long does the Typical Soirée Last?

2-3 hours depending on the flow of the Soirée and Guest attendance.

Can Men Attend?

Sure, it’s Your Soirée…. not only can men attend but men host “Sir-ées” as well!

Are Orders Taken Privately?

The Alluring Violet values your privacy.  While we cherish and encourage the ideals of sexual awareness and liberation, we also respect the common-sense need for privacy.  Respect for your privacy is paramount at T.A.V. and we are vested in assuring a refined and confidential experience for Violet Soirée Guests. 

Order details are NEVER disclosed to Soirée hosts or other guests.  Every Soirée concludes with a truly bespoke shopping experience, and product orders are of course taken privately, one-on-one with the Curator.  Additionally, all products delivered during a Soirée are done so in stylish, nondescript packaging.

Discretion Guarantee

Discretion Guarantee

We take great care to ensure that your purchase are delivered quickly and safely. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and with our discreet packaging you can shop with confidence.

The printed address label is the only marking on your package. The U.S. Postal Service requires is to have a return address listed on the package which is shown asThe Alluring Violet or T.A.V..  The Alluring Violet or T.A.V. will also be printed on your credit card receipt. 

We wrap up each of your purchases individually and all orders are sent in plain packaging. There’s absolutely no way of telling what’s inside the package, all of your erotic secrets are kept just that way, secret.  Our discreet packaging ensures that the contents remain safe and secure until you wish to divulge.

How and When Will We Receive Our Orders?

You may receive your order at the conclusion of the Soirée depending on your Curators’ on hand inventory.  Some items may come from our warehouse and be shipped directly to You, Your Guests or your Curator for distribution.  Although we usually ship within 48 hours, orders may take up to 10 business days to arrive. The Alluring Violet LLC uses UPS, FedEx, DHL as well as the USPS.

What Forms of Payment do You Accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard (debit and credit) American Express, and Discover Card.  Personal checks may be accepted by some Curators.  Personal checks should be written to the Curator directly and not to The Alluring Violet LLC

How Can I Place an Order After Attending a Soirée?

You may call, text, email or contact your Curator through social media.  He or She will gladly assist you in placing an order.  You may also visit our online boutique at or call 888-466-4676 we’ll be happy to accept your order.


What is a Curator?

Associates of The Alluring Violet = Curators. A Curator is one who acquires, displays and interprets a collection in order to inform, educate and inspire.

Who We Are

As the preeminent purveyor of luxury bedroom accessories in the private venue, The Alluring Violet and her Curators introduce new ideas for provocative possibilities by translating a trip to the XXX shop into an enjoyable, private venue purchasing experience. The Curator has the ability to create a Nomadic Intimacy Salon wherever it beckons, bringing intimate bedroom accessories out of the shadows and into their brilliance.

If you are graceful, sophisticated and charismatic then you already have all the makings of a fabulous Alluring Violet Curator! Curatorship is not a job but an incredible opportunity to feed your entrepreneurial spirit and begin your own profitable social selling business- all while having a great time connecting with people.

By becoming a T.A.V. Curator, you’re your own boss. You have the ability to explore your personal and financial potential and the freedom to allow your business to ebb and flow with life’s events. Work as much or as little as you’d like. You can completely unplug from the traditional workplace or work your T.A.V. business along side of your current employment. You choose. Not only is becoming a Curator personally and financially rewarding, but also satisfying to know that you are making talking about sexual awareness a blush free exercise. 

We offer a generous compensation plan, Curators can begin earning right away through personal sales and can layer their income through bonuses and recruitment.  As an Alluring Violet Curator, your personal sales commissions start at 25%, plus you’re eligible to earn sponsorship commissions of up to 5% for each new Curator you sponsor into the company. (up to 5 lines down and dependent upon your level of success.) You can also earn bonuses when you exceed your monthly sales goals and much more. The earnings potential is endless!

We make your success effortless with our modern take on a traditional direct-selling business. With cutting-edge products and through the use of social media and e-commerce, we’ve created a uniquely versatile path towards entrepreneurship. Once you join us you’ll have a dynamic support system in place and know that you’re working with a team that doesn’t just care about the bottom line but cares about you!  We are completely invested in improving the quality of life of our Consumers and Curators and want you to turn this opportunity for entrepreneurship into a path towards an abundant and fruitful life.

If you’re inspired by romance and ready to make your entrepreneurial dreams reality, start defining your own success and embark with us on this innovative quest to ensconce the world in Violet. For consideration for Curatorship, submit an inquiry via the website or through an area Curator.

How much Can i Expect to Earn?

T.A.V. offers a generous and straight forward compensation, rewards and incentives plan that is realistic and has attainable goals. From the first day you start your Alluring Violet business, you can begin earning profits and rewards through your product sales and continue to receive bigger rewards and bonuses, depending on your level of leadership. You can build this business right along side your current profession or go at it full time. Your earning potential is limitless, your income grows based on the pace you choose to grow your business.

As a Curator, You Can Get Paid 4 Ways:

1) From Personal Product Sales

2) Through Bonuses

3) By building your own network of Curators of; a small percentage of your team sales will be included in your monthly commission check. As you build your business and network with T.A.V., you are able to increase your commissions and bonuses.

4) Rewards

Will i Receive Training?

Yes. We have a strong system of service values, standards and education on operational and cultural functions in place. The more knowledgeable you are as a Curator, the easier it will be for you to meet and exceed your customers expectations and represent your business professionally. Because we want to deliver on the promises we make to both our Customers and Curators, we offer expert training and support to ensure that you and your business are equipped for success.

Our Curator Development program is two-part and combines web-based and formal training, practical experience, and consistent mentoring. Because, experience is the best teacher, your sponsor and/or an experienced Curator will ask you to join them during at least one of his/her Soirées where you’ll learn even more about our products and be inspired to create your own presentation style. You’ll also find a wealth of information such as: training videos, as well as guides and tutorials available to you in The Curator’s Office.

What is the Cost of Doing Business with The Alluring Violet LLC?

Starting your business with The Alluring Violet is a very affordable opportunity. With our 3 pay plan, you can get started for as little as $116.00 plus shipping, and local sales tax (if applicable). Included in all Curator’s Collections is everything you need to start your business including lots of products that you can share, try, or even sell. You’ll also receive the basic marketing tools you’ll need in order hold your first Violet Soirée including: name tag, business cards, brochures, catalogs, order forms etc.

Do I Have to Keep an “on hand” Inventory for My Alluring Violet Business?

No. You can run your T.A.V. business without inventory entirely from your initial Collection. You may choose to keep cash and carry inventory for Soirées and events, but are not required to do so. There are no “auto-ships” or large inventory purchases required. You may take orders during your Soirées and deliver locally at a later date. Or, have items shipped directly to your Customers.

However, in the interest of providing the most excellent Customer service, T.A.V. prefers that Curators deliver products the night of the Soirée. Keep in mind that most people are impulse buyers and prefer instant gratification. In the spirit of that, we always encourage Curators to invest in their business by investing in their inventory.

The Alluring Violet LLC uses UPS, DHL, FedEx as well as the USPS. Although we usually ship within 48 hours, orders may take up to 10 business days to arrive to you or your customer.

Do I Have to Supply the Host/Hostess Gift?

No… T.A.V. will supply you with a small Host/Hostess gift for each Soirée. You are free to offer your own internal promotions in which case you would be responsible for compensating your Host.

How and When do I Get Paid from The Alluring Violet?

You get paid commission from personal retail sales (PRS) the night of the Soirée. For example, if you are a Sweet Pea Curator, you earn a 25% commission on (PRS). So, if you sell $100 in product, your commission is $25 and you would remit the balance of $75 + S&H and all tax collected. T.A.V. pays downline commissions and bonuses once monthly. Your commissions and bonuses are determined for each month from the first to the last day and then you will be paid via check or direct deposit into the account you have on file. Pay days are on the 10th of each month, or whichever business day is closest to and before the 10th of each month. If you do not have accurate information on file when your commissions are paid, this may cause a delay in receiving your compensation.

How do I Handle Taxes with my Alluring Violet Business ?

Sales Taxes: You will be required to collect local sales tax from your customers. You should always find out the local tax rate when conducting a Soirée or selling at an event. You will submit these tax payments at the time you place your customer’s orders. T.A.V. will remit all collected sales taxes to the appropriate municipality for you.

Personal Taxes: When you operate a home-based business you will have many income tax advantages and deductions. As an Independent Curator with The Alluring Violet, you will be accountable for paying taxes on your own earnings. Each Curator paid more than $599 in any calendar year will receive a Form 1099 for tax purposes. Be sure your personal or business information is kept up to date so that this information can be reported to you in a timely and accurate manner.

How do I Book Soirées?

We suggest you start by being the Host at your own first Soirée! Solidify your new role as Curator by hosting your launch party. Excitement and energy are contagious, and your honest enthusiasm about your new business won’t go without notice. Before you know it people will be asking how they too can host a Soirée!

When planning for your launch, look to your sponsor as a trusted resource… they are always willing to help whether that means just showing up or holding your hand all the way through your first Soirée. Remember to smile lots and be confident, everything will turn out wonderfully!

After your successful launch, try chatting up people you come in contact with everyday. Or, use a Soirée as an opportunity to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while, invite them over and ask them to bring a friend as well. Also consider offering booking promotions during your existing Soirées.

*Corporate also assigns leads by P2P participation, geography and other qualifying information.

What Makes The Alluring Violet Different from Other Direct-Selling Companies?

The attitude, product knowledge, and overall delivery/presentation of the product by the Curator all play an equally important role. We educate in the Customer experience and the culture of the brand, not just how to sell a product. The Alluring Violet is proud to have the most Brilliant Curators.


The Alluring Violet offers a modern home-based career.
Each one of our irresistible product offerings is hand selected after very careful review. We ensure that each one is as aesthetically appealing as it is ergonomically designed.
We believe in exceedingly personal service and work hard to make our clients feel special- dazzling their senses, while conspiring with them against a life of sexual mediocrity
Alluring Violet Curators are Glamorous not Gaudy, we are Chíc not cheap.

Will I Get My Own Website?

No, T.A.V. has decided against them and here’s why: Replicated sites simply enhance the Company’s presence and do little to brand you or let people know who you are. Most companies charge their consultants a monthly fee for the duplicated website yet, one replicated site is virtually indistinguishable from the next, in fact most of them are just clones of the original site. This means you’re offered little control over the sites’ content and minimal ability to customize it other than license to add your name and contact information. Also, duplicated content makes it less likely for a search engine to find your site. Search engines, like people, look for originality.

Online originality is the key to your business’s success. We don’t want you to be a T.A.V. clone, we want you to be 100% you! People want to know what makes you different. Instead of a website showing off what we offer… (We already have one of those by the way.) Why not create an online presence that’s uniquely yours?

We encourage you to separate yourself from the pack and recommend that you start your own blog completely unique to your business and personality. Via blogging, you can create fresh, unique content and have the complete freedom to design a space for people to connect to in a style that’s all your own. Blogging lets the world know who you are and helps you establish a rapport with the public.

What we offer instead is the ability to post a personal bio and photograph right here @ The Alluring Violet. And every month we get to spotlight one of our valued Curators. So, go to The Curators Office and post your bio today. It’s free! Give yourself the exposure you deserve.

Are There Minimum Sales Requirements for Curators?

We at The Alluring Violet want you to be successful and reach for the stars instead of thinking in terms of minimums. You hold the reins to your own business therefore, can facilitate your business to compliment your goals and lifestyle. However, in order to remain eligible for commissions, bonuses and product discounts, we do expect you to host a minimum of one Soirée per month, and generate $500.00 in Person Retail Sales (PRS) monthly. To remain an active Curator, you must sell the minimum of $500.00 in products in 90 days.

Is There an Alternative to Curatorship? What is an Atelier Concierge?

Yes. There is. The Alluring Violet has devised an alternative to Curatorship called the Atelier Concierge Program. An Atelier Concierge is like a cousin to the Curator. The program is designed for “go-getter” types who desire a more freestyle selling method. A.C.’s love who we are and what we stand for and want to become part of The Alluring Violet family but prefer short, simple, fun interactions on-the-go vs in front of an audience.

Unlike Curators, who operate their own businesses, and utilize the medium of the Violet Soirée to market T.A.V. products and services, the Atelier Concierge operates completely on their own terms using T.A.V. product catalogues as their main sales tool and earn a fixed commission of 20%.

With a very minimal $99 investment, you can get started straight away with everything you need to launch a fun, flexible business on-the-go. There is no required Collection Kit or inventory to buy, ever.

Here are a few of the distinctions between the two programs.

For A.C.’s, Collection kit purchase is optional
There are no Soirées to co-Host
No team affiliation (no upline or downline)