NUTS: The Do’s and Don’ts of Playing With A Guy’s Balls


Here’s some Monday food like nuts for thought or Testicular Trivia if you may.  What do you think about balls? Do you have any use for them or are they just an unwanted distraction?

What do you do with this confounding bit of the male anatomy? During sex, do they factor into the equation at all? 

For many people, they arent the main event. Honestly to most women, they aren’t even an appetizer, they’re more like the often forgotten parsley on the plate.

Based on what we know about the anatomy of male pleasure, he’s probably dying for you to touch them. 

A lot of guys love having their penises and balls stimulated at the same time so don’t orphan the family jewels. Take time to pay the same care and attention to all his parts. Simple cupping, sucking, licking, even a gentle tug can leave your man breathless.


  • Try giving bae a hand job with one hand while you play with his testicles with the other.
  • Or suck on his baubles while you stroke his shaft with your hand.
  • You can also try caressing his balls with your hand while you do some oral optimization.
  • Drive him wild guy putting some lube on his testicles and explore how that changes the sensation.  Wowww-zaaa!


  • Don’t body shame him if you think they look “weird”
  • Don’t be too rough, or for that matter too gentle
  • Switch to his balls if he tends to blast off too quickly- this will still give him pleasure… just less intense
  • Don’t get them twisted- keep the one on the left on the left, and the one on the right- on the right.



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