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Trauma, Sex and the Wounded Warrior

Human contact and sexuality are natural and essential parts of our overall well-being. All too often combat warriors experience catastrophic injuries and come home to face emotional and physical barriers to intimacy. Sexual dysfunction in wounded veterans is a problem that is not commonly discussed. The reality is that need, and desire does not dissipate […]


Dope Sex: Getting High While Getting It On Cannabis is a natural medicinal plant with two primary classifications— Indica and Sativa. Hemp and Marijuana are both derived from the Cannabis Sativa family and while they look similar, they have distinct differences. The cannabis plant contains roughly 100 cannabinoids, which are its active components. The most dominant and […]

7 Things to try when he/she is perfect in every way, but not in the sack

Damn, Everything Is Good Except The Sex It’s such a tragedy, really. There’s nothing is worse in a relationship than having strong feelings for someone that can please you in every area, except for one… the bedroom. Imagine this: you have been dating this person for a while. Everything is going great. You two haven’t […]

Exploring Open Relationship: Is it right for you?

open relationship

How to Make an Open Relationship Work Monogamy is societies prescribed method and is often closely tied to philosophical, political or spiritual beliefs. Sure, monogamy is the relationship standard that has been taught and deeply ingrained for generations— But the constraints of monogamy aren’t for everyone and to be honest… it’s rare to see monogamous […]

Navigating the Holiday Office Party

holiday party

We are well into the thick of December. That means ‘tis the Season. Yep, it’s time to prepare for your annual company holiday party. Company sponsored holiday parties are hosted as a way to celebrate the season. They allow employers to thank employees and provide an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and get to […]



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