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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer risks, the value of screening and early detection, and treatment options available to women and men who are diagnosed with one of the many forms of breast cancer. Besides skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women […]


Pheromone: A chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behavior or physiology of others of its species. These attraction chemicals are airborne molecules that elicit a reaction and secretly influence the responses and behavior of those around us. Pheromones aren’t scents, you can’t see […]

Pathway to Pleasure – Introducing Sex Toys To Your Relationship

The Techno Menage a Troi So, you’re considering introducing a third party to the bedroom? Intimate wares can be  your biggest ally in facilitating pleasure- giving or receiving, and when introduced to a relationship, can enhance your romantic life and really take your foreplay further. Three really is good company, and adding a sex toy […]

The New Alluring Violet

The Alluring Violet | Curators of Sexual Well-Being— Specialists in the art of erotic intimate wares, has re-launched The Alluring Violet, inviting those seeking a more tasteful, dignified and private intimate accessory shopping experience to indulge in our pioneering luxury intimate accessory and lifestyle brand. Originally launched in 2013, we’ve since been in pursuit of […]



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