The New Alluring Violet

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The Alluring Violet | Curators of Sexual Well-Being— Specialists in the art of erotic intimate wares, has re-launched The Alluring Violet, inviting those seeking a more tasteful, dignified and private intimate accessory shopping experience to indulge in our pioneering luxury intimate accessory and lifestyle brand.

Originally launched in 2013, we’ve since been in pursuit of bringing normalcy; acceptance and empowerment about intimate accessories to the mainstream. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., The Alluring Violet separates itself from other erotic emporiums by devising a luxury brand that celebrates the life of intimacy & fostering deep customer engagement and enhanced discovery.

In 2018, The Alluring Violet underwent a brand refresh and is charting a new course. Our brand concept now encompasses a sophisticated online store, a private retail experience, and compelling Salon Events. We’ve successfully and seamlessly blended these 4 pursuits, each enhancing the next, forging a shopping experience that surpasses all traditional expectations associated with intimate body products and erotic accessories.

1. The redesigned website offers customers a selection of wonders that allow for discovery, engagement and the inspiration to explore the limits of their erotic imaginations.  The website boasts an exquisitely curated line of products that includes erotic accessories, body jewelry, bath and body essentials, spanking toys, lingerie and gifts, all designed to heighten and prolong the sexual experience. 

2. By bringing sleek, stylish and subtle intimate accessories to our clients in the form of private venue purchasing experiences called Violet Soirées, (co-hosted by the Curator, The Alluring Violet’s brand ambassador) we artful provoke and foster an atmosphere of authentic engagement, intimate self-discovery and simultaneously introduce exciting new pleasure possibilities.

3. T.A.V.’s new, highly anticipated “Evenings of Education” are a series of Salon Events that boast a titillating collection of topics. Each Salon offers both novices, and more seasoned player’s, the opportunity to partake in a mischievous evening of education and eroticism designed to teach new skills, tips and techniques to elevate pleasure in the bedroom. The Alluring Violet’s Sexuality Doulas (and Dude-la’s) take attendees on an erotic journey that inspires the use of all five senses to impact their romantic encounters and shows couples how to love or experience each other in a deeper, more intimate way.

4. The Alluring Violet hosts a series of pop-up shops, to expand our retail footprint beyond our online presence. The Pop-Up activations translate The Alluring Violet’s holistic approach to sexual well-being into a tangible experience. Thus allowing both loyalists as well as those new to The Alluring Violet— to experience the brand in person. By bringing the brand directly to consumers, we elevate the erotic paraphernalia shopping experience, creating both a deepened engagement with customers as well as a lasting impression of the brand on those who attend.




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