6 Reasons NOT to Be Boo’d Up This Holiday Season

The Holidays are upon us… a time of happy traditions, comfort food, family bonding and cozy nights by the fire. With seasonal festivities in full swing, there are usually a record number of parties between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve and you can of course… expect that those party invites are on the way.

For some, the thought of not having a plus one for the holidays can be nerve wracking. But, being single for the holidays doesn’t have to be something that adds to your winter blues. Flying solo during the winter months can actually be a blessing in disguise.
There are so many benefits to being single, especially during the holidays. The “most wonderful time of the year” doesn’t have to turn into the loneliest time of the year. Nope, no need to wallow in singledom— instead, embrace it. Your singleness is not an inconvenience, but a blessing full of opportunities for growth.

Let’s take a look at 6 reasons why NOT having a boo this holiday season isn’t a tragedy:

1. Save money– With Holiday parties, traveling, and entertainment, the holidays can really add up. Relationships cost money too, not to mention the stress of finding and buying the perfect gift and wondering if they’ll like or even use the gift you buy? Save yourself the headache of catering to a boo this holiday season and spend that gift cash on you! Splurge and buy yourself something you’ve really been wanting or spend the extra dough on a good friend.

2. Focus on family and friends– For a lot of people, the holidays are one of the only times during the year that they can spend time with their loved ones. Having a boo can take your attention off of spending time with the people that love you the most. The good news… being single means that you don’t have to worry about splitting family time between yours and someone else’s. This holiday, celebrate the relationships you do have. Spend real quality time bonding with your friends or relaxing and enjoy time with family. As a bonus this season, you won’t have to worry about an awkward meet-the-parents weekend or choose between his/her family and yours.

3. Personal time– The holiday bustle can be overwhelming with everyone busy running around shopping like crazy. This holiday, embrace the gift of singleness and save some time for yourself and what you want to do this holiday season. Being single means that you only have to be accountable for one person… You. Spend those cold winter nights relaxing, journaling, reflecting on the highs and the lows of the year, learning a new craft or revisiting an old hobby. Take time to relax, recharge, unwind and get ready to take on the new year fresh and unencumbered. With no one around to impede on your time, you get to do you! Ya!

4. Change your perspective– Instead of being down about being single and not having a plus one, beating yourself up about the what ifs or should have done’s, look at this time as a unique opportunity start your own lifelong tradition that will build a sense of community amongst friends and family. There is so much more to life than dating and this holiday season is your chance to explore what’s out there. Bring warmth and light to yourself in other ways this holiday by hosting a dinner party, buying your first Christmas tree or get coupled up with a local charity to do some good.

5. Baby it’s cold outside– Fall and winter for a lot of people isn’t all turkey, sugar plums and jingle bells. The constant cold and bone-chilling winds make it easy to want to stay put. In that kind of icy weather, it’s hard to miss the trips to his/her place. But, now that you’re single, if you are brave enough to bear the cold, now’s your chance to explore other options. Luckily for you, the holiday season hosts many fun events providing you with the perfect platform to get out and mingle and socialize. Don’t stick with an incompatible boo just because you don’t want to be alone. It’s certainly better to have a happy single holiday season than a miserable boo’ed up one.

6. Mistletoe!– During the yuletide season, tiny bushels of mistletoe can be found above the door frame at many a holiday party. Grab someone and go in for a big guilt-free, shameless kiss under the mistletoe! If anyone gives you the side eye, just blame it on the eggnog.

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, remember all the things you have to be grateful for this holiday season. Content and singleness can happily coexist in the same space. Learn to celebrate being out of a relationship as much as people celebrate those who are married etc. and boo’ed up. If you ever find yourself feeling down or depressed or under a pressure because of friends or family, just remind yourself of these 6 reasons you decided to skip having a boo in the first place. Cheers to your sensational solo holiday season!



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